Ballinakill Lakes

Masslough Lake, Ballinakill

Often referred to as one of the best kept secrets in Co. Laois, the Masslough lake, on the edge of Ballinakill village is a stunning location.

The lake is semi-circular in shape, and is flanked on three sides by native woodland, through which wind pathways, that take you on an almost fairytale walk through the trees.

Whilst the Masslough truly merits the title of ‘hidden gem,’ it is well known to, and very popular with the angling community. It’s waters are regularly fished, for it’s abundant stock which includes Tench, Carp, Rudd, Roach, Perch, Bream and Eel.

Masslough Lake, Ballinakill
Masslough Lake, Ballinakill

Gills Pond, Ballinakill

Gill’s Pond, Ballinakill, is another beautifully scenic lake, which has recently been overhauled. The banks have been landscaped, and facilities have been provided, to ensure you can have a good day’s fishing, or simply enjoy a picturesque stroll, along the water’s edge.

The pond which is named after a woman, who once lived in a gate lodge, at the entrance to the lake, contains roach, perch and tench. 

The local Angling Club are only too happy to welcome anglers, to fish these waters, and a license to do so, can be obtained by contacting them here >>>.

The proximity of Ballinakill’s lakes to the magnificent, Lutyens designed Heywood Gardens, ensure you can enjoy a wonderful day out, at Ballinakill Co. Laois.