Covid – 19 Health & Safety Policy

Twin Trees Heywood, Art & Culture Festival

Covid – 19 Health & Safety File 

* Please note this Health & Safety policy is to account for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and will be implemented in parallel to our standard festival health and safety policy. 

All policies outlined below are in keeping and will be implemented in strict accordance with current HSE and Government Guidelines. 

As of August 4th 2020 – current Irish government guidelines state that on 20th  August 2020, which is the first day of our festival, 500 people will be allowed to gather outdoors and 100 people will be allowed to gather indoors. 

Risk assessment : 

As an outdoor festival, attending participants will be painting on their easels outdoors, and those attending talks will also do so outdoors. This is the remit of the festival. Therefore risk of infection is at the lower end of the scale as described by HSE and Government Guidelines. 

The implementation of our Covid-19 health and safety policy will ensure an even lower risk to our festival attendees. 

Twin Trees Heywood Art & Culture Festival is a small festival with a maximum 120 attending on any festival days. This is within the guidelines outlined above. 

Covid-19 health and safety policy 

Covid-19 health and safety signage will be placed at the ‘information hub’ to remind and encourage participants to adhere to all safety protocols and staff will ensure that these policies continue to be implemented throughout the days of the festival. The information hub will be located outdoors this year and will consist of a gazebo that will be only accessible to two staff and two participants at time, ensuring the distancing rule is observed. 

At the ‘information hub’ distance signage will be visible to ensure all artists maintain the two meter distancing rule. 

All festival staff and volunteers will be given a Covid-19 health and safety induction course and will sign a Covid-19 health and safety statement. They will have their body temperature checked each day during the festival. All surfaces at the information hub will be regularly disinfected to ensure a sterile environment. 

All participants will receive by email the Covid-19 health and safety policy of the festival before the event begins on the 20th August

Participants will be required to state that they have no underlying symptoms of the virus as outlined by HSE. These underlying symptoms will be outlined in the email they receive before the festival. 

No participant is allowed within 2 meters of another or make any physical contact with other persons during the festival. This includes when setting up painting easel for the day. 

No participant is to share anything with another person at the festival. This includes artist materials, food or beverages etc 

All participants must adhere to all instructions given to them by the organizers or their agents during the festival. 

Participants are reminded of the government advice that Face masks are to be worn where appropriate and when interacting with other persons. 

Participants are asked to bring their own chairs. 

All venues chosen for this year’s festival are in large open areas where there is plenty of space for participants to separate.


Every effort has been made to ensure that this festival adheres to HSE and government guidelines. The committee will continue to monitor and keep up-to-date on the latest guidelines issued by both HSE and government and will immediately act in accordance with their advice.