Lutyens & Heywood In Context, by David Averill

David Averill, Lutyens Trust, at the Twin Trees Festival

Lutyens & Heywood In Context

A Talk by David Averill FRIAI

As part of our Tours, Talks & Afternoon Tea package, at this year’s Twin Trees Heywood Festival, David Averill delivered a wonderful talk, entitled ‘ Lutyens & Heywood In Context.’
In the idyllic setting of Ballinakill’s All Saints’ Church, David held the sell out audience captive, with a broad, in-depth knowledge of the great architect, his architectural brilliance; and how both are reflected and evident, in the wonderful Heywood Gardens, designed by Lutyens in 1906.

Being an architect, and a member of the Lutyens Trust, David’s insights and observances of Heywood, were truly fascinating, and everyone present, left with a vastly greater knowledge and appreciation of the great man, whose 150th Birthday we were there to remember – Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Before leaving us on the day, David very kindly presented the committee with illustrated books of his talk on Lutyens & Heywood. These beautifully produced booklets, were a wonderful gesture, and we sincerely thank David for his thoughtfulness and generosity.

Below we share with you a PDF version of the book by David Averill, with the option to download and keep a version too. Enjoy!

Lutyens & Heywood In Context
by David Averill FRIAI

Lutyens & Heywood FP
David Averill delivers his talk, in All Saints’ Church, Ballinakill
Lutyens & Heywood In Context, by David Averill FRIAI